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Pneumatic Presses

Model Force 50DA- AIR

50 Ton

We have been manufacturing our line of hydraulic presses since the mid 1940's. Offered in 50-ton capacities, these presses are built to last. Dake hydraulic presses are ideal for assembly, straightening, fabrication, quality control, maintenance, product testing, bending, forming, punching, and shearing. Every hydraulic press has a frame that is constructed of heavy-duty arc-welded steel and seamless steel cylinders to prevent leaks.

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Model Number Force 50DA- AIR
Number 909250-AIR 909250-AIR
Capacity 50 Ton 907 kg
Operation Pneumatic Pneumatic
Horsepower n/a n/a
Air Supply Pressure 90-120 psi 620528-827371 Pascal
Width between uprights 44" 1117.6 mm
Width between table channels 8-1/4" 209.55 mm
Minimum ram to table 10" 254 mm
Maximum ram to table 41 3/4" 1060.45 mm
Ram travel 16" 406.4 mm
Controls On/Off switch with joystick hydraulic control On/Off switch with joystick hydraulic control
Horizontal workhead travel (traversing head option only) 30 1/2" 774.7 mm
Footprint 55" x 36" 1397 mm x 914.4 mm
Height 94" 2387.6 mm
Weight 1,550 lbs 1406 mt
Base 55" x 36" 1397 mm x 914.4 mm
Ram return speed 17 IPM .43 mpm
Pressing speed 7-9 IPM .178 - .229 mpm


  • Pneumatic power unit has convenient operation for greater portability.

  • Lever control ram advance for easy operation.

  • Double acting cylinder allows for convenient positioning of ram.

  • Sturdy welded channel iron frame for durability.

  • Low pressure hydraulic components for greater efficiency and smooth pressing.

  • One hand ram positioning with 4-way valve hydraulic control.

Model Options

  • Remote Pressure Relief Valve

  • Check Valve

  • Traversing Head

  • Certified Gauge

  • Side Mounted Arbor Press

  • Flow Control Valve

Standard Equipment

  • Frame

  • Safety Relief Valve

  • 2-Combination Table Plate/V-Blocks

  • Pressure Gauge