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The information below addresses some of our most common questions. If you still need help, please contact us and a service representative will be in touch.

General Questions

Where are your products made?

The majority of our products are made and assembled at our manufacturing facility in Grand Haven, MI. What we do not make in Grand Haven, we import from valued trade partners that we have been working closely with for over 30 years.

Do your products come with a warranty?

All of our machines come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. See our Service page for more details.

Do you take trade-in product that I can use toward a new purchase?

Unfortunately, we do not accept trade-ins at this time.

Do you have a lease program or monthly payment option?

We currently do not offer a lease program or accept monthly payments.

Do you offer training if I purchase a machine?

Our service representatives are available for training upon request. Please contact us for a quote.

What do I do if my machine needs servicing?

We have an in house service technician that is available to help walk you through any issues you may experience. Visit our Service page for more information.

Where can I see a machine that I’m interested in before I purchase it?

You can view almost every machine at our manufacturing facility in Grand Haven, MI. You can also see our machines at one of our many dealer locations across the USA.

Do you stock replacements parts? What about for vintage machines?

Yes, we stock parts for all of our machines at our facility. The majority of the time we have parts for our older machines in stock, however we recommend that you contact us to check on availability.

Are you able to build custom machines for my facility?

Yes! We can customize our machines depending on your application needs. Please contact us to learn more.

Do you ship your products worldwide?

Yes, our products can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Product Questions

What are the power service and air requirements for your machines?

Air requirement for all machinery is 90 – 120 PSI at approx. 6 CFM (Clean, dry) Power requirements are as follows: 120 volt 20 amp service, 220 volt single phase and three phase 20 amp/ 440 volt 16 amp. (440 volt may require transformer.) (Most machines are rated +/- 10%)

What is the difference between a single acting and a double acting cylinder?

A double acting cylinder has both an A and a B Port. This means oil enters the cylinder via the A port pushing the piston down. When the control calls for the piston to retract oil is diverted to the B port which pushes the piston up. A Single acting cylinder has an A port for running the piston down but is retracted with an internal spring. A double acting cylinder has pressing and pulling power and is generally controlled with a joy stick control.

What kind of blade life can I expect to get before it needs to be sharpened?

It is very hard to say what the blade life will be because of the many factors to consider. The following things effect both cold saw and band saw blades:

  • Break-in of the blade / type or grind of the blade / blade coatings / proper tooth configuration / coolant used / speeds and feeds / material shape, type, hardness / type of saw / proper saw maintenance/ blade installation and adjustments.

What blade comes standard with your saws?

You can find this information by viewing our Blade Standards Guide.

Does Dake re-sharpen cold saw blades?

Dake does not sharpen blades in-house. We will be happy to recommend a professional re-sharpening service for you.

Have More Questions?

Our customer service team is available to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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